GOLD is a cash back commodity, and Mining is a capital-intensive venture. As such, the only way to secure regular supply at reasonable and realistic discounts is to Pre-Finance.



This arrangement is there to address the insatiable desire of the investor who loves to partner a growing business. There is room for flexibility, safety, confidence, satisfaction, transparency and above all maximization of return on investment.



The sister company of MNCSB TRADING DMCC, M&C Logistics And Trading is licensed to Purchase Gold from SMALL SCALE MINING Companies in Ghana. This opportunity puts M&C Logistics And Trading in a pole position to access Gold regularly when it is mined.



Procedures, under which GOLD TRADING with MNCSB has been put together are as follows:-

  • Opening of Gold Export Account.
  • Contractual Agreement on Gold Trading Account.



Ghana has been producing Gold which is technically referred to as AURIUM UTALIUM (AU) for export to so many countries including USA, UK and lately DUBAI. Its earlier miners include Tarkwa Goldfields and Obuasi Mines which later became Obuasi Goldfields and currently known as Anglo Gold Ashanti. Ghana’s Gold has been rated as one of the best carats in the world and it is the 10th largest producer of the product. It has produced and exported large quantities of Gold to countries around the world and still continues to do so. The abundance and fineness of Ghana’s Gold discovered along the coast of the Gulf Of Guinea by Don Diego de Azambuja un-hesitantly gave birth to the country’s name, Gold Coast.

Gold industry in Ghana continues to thrive with the inclusion of companies like M&C Logistics And Trading, ’The Hub Of Confidence’ in the licensed category of Gold Buyers, Assayers and Exporters by the regulatory entity which is the Minerals Commission of Ghana.

At M&C Logistics And Trading, Gold trading is done transparently, safely and confidently executed.

A new product which M&C Logistics And Trading has introduced, is to encourage our Clients to repose confidence in our operations and for hustle-free transactions.

'AU ROLLER PROGRAMME' is the name of the product which has great advantages in the avenues where Gold Trading is continuous. It is a product that affords the Client a bigger opportunity, projecting into the trading activities of the product. 'AU ROLLER PROGRAMME' is meticulously handled and has the propensity to ensure smooth and consistent supply to all our Clients.


For centuries, Gold has remained the most precious commodity that does not deform nor struggle for value. It is the rarest commodity of value in the life of humanity. Even though this remains an undeniable fact, all Gold that has been mined since its discovery is not likely to fill Four (4) Olympic Size pools or form a cube of Twenty (20) metre square.

Ancient Egypt was the first to discover that Gold was a substance that was malleable enough to be formed into beautiful jewelry and rare enough to be valuable. It was not until around 560 BC that is was first used as a currency which could be standardized in value to provide an easy way to pay for goods and services.

Today Gold, has the most significant name when wealth is mentioned and remains the economic backing for a number of countries including Switzerland, Great Britain and others.

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