About US.


MNCSB is a registered company legally licensed by DMCC under the laws of Dubai.

he Company is licensed to Purchase and Sell Precious Minerals especially Gold and operates as a boutique in the various respects of mineral trading. MNCSB has a parent Company, M&C Group with Headquarters in Accra Ghana. Under M&C Group, M&C Logistics And Trading has been licensed by the Minerals Commission of Ghana to Purchase, Assay and Export Gold and other minerals to any destination.

MNCSB has been set up in Dubai as a hub and will register interested persons as Agents to transact Gold business on behalf of MNCSB and forward such concluded transactions to the Headquarters for final implementation. Our Agents have to be registered with MNCSB to be able to carry out this responsibility judiciously. This will happen after a thorough vetting of such persons.

As a means of ensuring consistency in the operations, M&C Logistics And Trading has come up with an innovation that will ensure continuation and prompt service arrangements. It has therefore instituted the “AU ROLLER PROGRAMME” that will give clients the vigour and confidence to do Gold business.

MNCSB has the full mandate of M&C Group to operate as its extended arm in Dubai, therefore it guarantees the flexibility, transparency, safety, satisfaction and maximization of return on investment depending on the consistency at the behest of operations.MNCSB does not have reservation on performance so the best resources including our mining concessions are harnessed into achieving the expected results to satisfy our clients. Accept to be part in Gold investment.

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