Our clients are entreated to be known formally at MNCSB, therefore a form is available on the website and can be downloaded, filled and submitted for an IDENTITY CARD in the client’s name to be issued.

Clients who follow this procedure will pay a registration fee to MNCSB for the ID Card. The ID Card is renewable every year and the procedures on that are available at MNCSB to be followed.


Mining is an environmental degradation activity by its technical process and could cause diversity of havoc to society if not responsibly handled. M&C Group, under whose umbrella MNCSB operates has put measures in place to ensure that its activities in areas of operation are humanitarianly handled to reflect our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Inhabitants of such areas are given social amenities such as schools, good drinking water, recreational facilities and personal attention to arising issues. It is best to practice co-ordination and collaboration is such areas in view of the fact that, mining activities could deprive them of crop cultivation close to their places of abode.

We have a parental resort at MNCSB and therefore have put measures that churn out satisfaction to inhabitants of our operational sites. We have built a relationship with land owners and pay royalty promptly to ease their living.

Our CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) is extended to the land owners and their inhabitants where we have our mining and purchasing activities .

Testimonies are personal and any of our Clients who gives the green light to share his or testimony with anybody outside the prescints of our business enclave, we would heartedly do that. We try to understand our clients who have not given us the go-ahead to bring their business activity into the public domain.

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